Friday, December 31, 2010

HaPpY NeW YeAr 2011!

I hope you all had a great Holiday! We were visiting family out of state the week before Christmas, and then since we got home on Christmas Eve we have been visiting with family, had beautiful snow days, done plenty of Christmas shopping and have just been relaxing. I have missed blogging so much and have several projects to share that I have been working on. The real reason that I haven't been able to blog is that my computer was sent to dell over the holidays to have a new keyboard put in since Pierson Reese decided to pluck a key out!

So, while I am working on a few posts tonight to post later this weekend and week.....I wanted to wish you all a late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year by sharing our Family Christmas Card.
This year I am going to do a few things the same, some things different, and try to do alot of things better. I have been thinking about whats on my "bucket list" for 2011. Thought about that yet?

 I have the "Pioneer Woman's" cinnamon rolls in the oven and a handful of movies for me and the hubs to watch while we bring the New Year in our cozy PJ's. Sounds like a fun night to me!!

Can't wait for the New Year and all the things that with God's Help I hope to accomplish.

........HaPpY NeW YeAr!!

(by the way, all the stores have seem to do the 75% off alot sooner this year....had an awesome day at Michaels and Target!)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday FaVeS!---Gifts, Family Fun, Decorations and Recipes!

Isn't this tree amazing? I love the fabric garland.
I love photography art. She has offered free downloads if you want to copy!
I have heard about this recipe from three different friends this week! My friend Amy gave me her recipe this morning so I thought I would share it with you.
Buffalo Chicken Dip
2 cups cooked, shredded chicken
2 blocks (8oz) cream cheese
...1 cup Ranch Dressing
3/4 cup Texas Pete or any hot sauce
(more or less to your taste)
1 1/2 cups shredded Cheddar cheese

Mix cream cheese, hot sauce and ranch dressing together well. Add chicken and 1/2 cup of cheddar cheese. Pour in a 9 X 12 casserole dish and sprinkle rest of cheese on top. Bake for 35- 40 minutes at 350 degrees. Serve with tortilla chips.
*Or you can put in crockpot.
I love a good magazine! Instead of baking cookies for some teachers on your list---try this. They would love it. (Believe me, it beats the the teachery- apple mug.=) Go here if you need more gift ideas for 5.00 or less!
When I saw this photo garland, I knew that it would be something I would love to try! I hope to start it next year! What a great way to display your family Christmas picture each year!
I am dying to try  this easy-do-it-yourself Christmas gift! However, it hasn't made it to the top of my list. (sorry, mom)  I can't wait to attempt this after Christmas!

Fave Ideas to do with your Family Over Christmas:
Recently, I had our mom2mom group over for a Christmas Party. My friend, Amy, gave a handout for some neat Ideas to do with your family over Christmas.....I thought I would name a few of my favorites here.
1. Start a Christmas Puzzle somewhere in your home. A puzzle table, placed in a quiet room is great for holiday visitors. Whenever guests want to get away from the action, they can retreat to work on the puzzle. It can be a great stress reliever and it is wonderful for those guests who always have to be busy doing something.
2. Challenge each member of your family to fill a box or bag full of clothes/toys to give away to a needy family. (Our mom's group loved participating in the adopt-a-child for Christmas!)
3. Do you love reading? I do! What was your favorite book you read this year? Buy it and give it someone you know would love it anonymously!
4. Several of my friends do this--and this is something neat that I would like to start with my kids! Have a special night where you all get in the van--- wear your PJ's--bring some Christmas Candy--or hot chocolate- Have some Christmas music playing-and go see the Christmas lights! My boys will love this!
5. We love to do this. Christmas is really a celebration of Jesus' Birthday! Why not have a Birthday party with cake and balloons for Jesus! My little Evan loves birthday parties---he knows that Christmas is Jesus Birthday! Celebrate it!
6. This one is one my favorites--The holidays can take their toll. Make a holiday tradition of recharging your own batteries. Gather your daughter/mom/best friend and head to the day spa for a much deserved pedicure or massage! (most likely this won't happen for me- but its a nice thought!)

Homemade Hot Chocolate
Leaving you with an awesome Home-made Hot Chocolate Recipe.
A lady in our church is known for this recipe!
Mix together and boil:
1 heaping tablespoon cocoa powder
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup water

Then add 1 quart of milk and stir!
Simple but awesome!!

Any other favorite ideas/recipes that you have read in blogland this week?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Tour 2010

We love Christmas Time around here. And I love decorating- so put the two together....and you have alot of laundry piled up, alot of frozen dinners, and alot of messes.ha Seriously, its been fun decorating our new home that we just recently remodeled (and still have lots to do!)Kept it alitle simple---but come on in, and enjoy some Christmas at the Scott home!
I love my little sign by the door that I can personalize for different holidays/occasions!
I made this wreath last year. Its whimsical and fun.
 We have this lit up at night with the tree upstairs---I love it! It feels so homey! I love my "kissing ball" that I added this year, too!

 To the right is my dining room, and I loved making the centerpieces which I explained how to make them here.
View of dining room from Hallway.
 To the right is our "piano room"- don't be fooled---usually all of the boy's toys are all over the place. One day we hope to make it into a grown-up room---an office. I love having the tree here because you can see it from the road and view it from the family room!
My tree is alittle funky and whimsical and I love it---lime green, red, gold and emerald green. Me and my sister got all of our ornaments/sprigs a couple of years ago after Christmas when everything was all marked down!
I love my topper! So fun and crazy!
I love my manger scene that my sis-in-law gave me a long time ago!
 View of the Family room looking into the piano room....its so pretty at night with the tree and mantel lit up! 

 I loved decorating my kitchen. The wreath above the stove is lit at night! Its so pretty! I have a few more decorations to the left where the counter and desk is---but forgot to take a pic.
 My cookie sheet with cookies countdown!! Got this from Hallmark this year and we love it!
A few of the the decorations on the counter. I love making some Christmas picture frames this year! You can read about them here!
One of my boys broke the top to one of my apothecary jars- I was heartbroken. But I have found lots of different ways to use it---here it is upside down with ornaments inside and a candle on top!
I had so much fun decorating my mantel this year. I loved adding the personal touch of our monogram to the Left. I love how the lights on the little trees and the garland give off a beautiful reflection in the mirror when lit up at night! I also added one of my home-made Christmas pictures and added a ornament in a frame like my friend, Julie's.
Also, I just put a few ornaments in a glass hurricane and set it on top of the base of a candle that I already had.
This is the view of our tree from the top of the stairs. I love it at night when the garland on the mantel, the tree and the banisters are all lit up!
This is the first year for this Charlie Brown tree. It used to be in my 3rd grade classroom with colored lights and candy ornaments! I am going to hopefully get some more things after Christmas--but the theme is brown and white zebra print with some olive green......

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas! Joining up with The Nester and Kelly Korner's Christmas Tour Parties!

Remember--Jesus is the REASON for the SEASON!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Friday Favorites....and a delicious recipe for Christmas Morning- (that you can make NOW and freeze)

So- my number one favorite this week- is my hubby, Myron! He has been extra helpful this week (he is always such a big help)--and he has even written me extra sweet emails and cleaned up the kitchen AND Done some laundry and put the kids to bed..and the list goes on! (what's wrong with him!ha) I love him to pieces and when thinking of my Friday Favorites- he came to mind. He's my BFF and my Soul Mate! Ok- enough of this sappy mess!ha
I am really into home-made gifts with meaning! Wouldn't you love to have this as a daily reminder to pray for your husband!! Go here to check this out! She will send you the project to download! Planning on sharing this with our mom2mom group!

I have been reading this blog for a long time now. She is probably one of my favorite "moms" to read after. They have 3 adorable boys and they adopted a sweet little girl a year ago. She also fosters children and just recently had to say goodbye to a 5 year old girl. She is very crafty and seems to have it all together (why can't I be like that!?)- and I really loved reading about this tutorial on how to make a t-shirt from material!! So cute! (she made the dress too and is doing a give-away on a custom dress right now!!) GO ENTER!
Need some ideas on ways to decorate your "nest" for Christmas? Go check out Rhonda's Party at Southern Hospitality. Hundreds of bloggers have linked up to her party and I have enjoyed looking for many ways to decorate my nest for my family! I loved drooling over reading about the way she decorated her Buffet. Stunning.
Need cheap but unique Christmas Art? Go here to download her free Art and then upload to your favorite photo center as a picture! This would be so pretty in a black or red frame in your kitchen, on your buffet or mantle! I love finding ways to decorate the Spiritual and Most important Side of Christmas!!
Ok. I am ending with this because A. I am hungry and B. I am trying to find unique Christmas presents to make for others. Yall...have you ever heard of the Pioneer Woman? I bought her cookbook last year and my hubby even looked at the pics with me! She is an amazing cook and these cinnamon rolls are to die for. Now, you may die while you are making them- or just by eating them- but it's so worth it. Yes, there are a few steps to them, but if I can do it- Anyone can.

They are the PERFECT breakfast for you to serve on Christmas morning. And let me tell you the best secret- they are even better frozen. I tried it (hey, she recommended it!) and they were awesome! Go ahead and make them all day next week and freeze them...and a wonderful, memorable breakfast is served on Christmas morning!

Find any Favorites this week in blogland?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Simple Wintery-Stick Dining Room Centerpiece and a few pretty Presents.

This was my Inspiration.  The title to her post caught my eye..."How to be festive when times are rough"--So I thought this must be a great project to try with a few pennies and some branches.
So I took my boys outside to play- and gathered a few branches in my backyard. I then took some White Krylon Spray Paint and sprayed my branches white. I even added some silver Krylon Spray Paint to the edges for a glittery-snowy effect.
I went to Dollar Tree and found some beautiful silver/white/gold ornaments for cheap! I also had some glass vases but I really wanted them white- so I spray painted those as well. Yall- this was as simple as it gets- and thrifty, too. And that's how I like it.

I also needed a small wreath to go over the mirror. I had an old one with plaid ribbon and red berries. Cute but not for this room. So I took it all off- Spray painted the wreath, berries and pine cones silver and I love it! I already had the white fuzzy-snowy garland, so I used that to hang the wreath. (I just put a push-pin through the ribbon and "Pinned" it to the wall behind the mirror.)
I love the silvery and gold branches I found at Michaels for 60% off! And the perfect height for this corner! The Vase was also glass but I spray painted (can you believe it?) black.
I love the way the White/Silver/Gold look in my grey dining room. I wanted to add a touch of gold because we haven't changed out the chandelier in the dining room yet. I'm starting to really like it in there, though. The chandelier might meet Krylon if I get brave enough.
 Today we had our mom2mom Christmas Party---a time to eat, fellowship and wrap presents for needy children. Its so excited to be able to help others in need! These children are very faithful to ride our church buses each week to hear about God's gift of salvation!
 Aren't the presents beautiful? One of our moms (who is an awesome decorator) gave us all tutorials on how to wrap pretty Christmas presents and how to make Christmas bows. We then all practiced on the gifts we had brought for the needy children!
I wish I could be there to see each child open up these beautiful presents! Today was one of those days that served as a big reminder to me around this crazy-busy- time of the year! IT is ALWAYS more BLESSED to GIVE than RECEIVE!

Linking up with Rhonda's Party and few other great Parties!