Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Favorites I am still here. We have just been all hit with the stomach bug. Lovely, I know. But we seem to be all feeling better and I have alot of "christamasing" to do- to get my nest ready for some Christmas Parties that are headed my way. While I have been nurse to my 3 kids   boys and their daddy--I have been finding somewhat of a "way to escape" by reading some of your blogs and finding some great Christmas ideas to tackle!

I have two downstairs in my garage just waiting to be touched, and that may *or may not* just happen tonight! But while we wait- Let's take the time to notice some of these fun projects and ideas!

I loved seeing the simple wreath that my friend, Julie, attached to a red picture frame to sit on her kitchen mantle. She inspired me to attach a wreath above my stove---so that happened this afternoon. I loved that she kept it simple yet very pretty!
Christmas Monogram Wreath
I Love the monogrammed wreath at this blog. Honestly, isn't it adorable? This might just have to happen one day on my back door!
I am all about the way that she decorated her buffet using only items that she saw at Wal-Mart!
Don't you remember seeing this aisle when you were supposed to be only in-and-out to get some Milk? I have to stay away or it can become dangerous! This aisle at Wal-Mart is where she got most of her items and ideas. Love it!
november 2010 048 1
I could go on for a while, but I will end with one of my favorite blogs...Click here to see how she decorated her buffet using items that she got 75% off at Target or the Goodwill. I Love all of the silver. And I love that with the a little bit of creativity and re-purposing you can use a handful-of-pennies to make something beautiful for Christmas!

I am now headed off to the garage to finish a project for my dining room that I found from "The Inspired Room." Check out her blog here!