Thursday, November 25, 2010

What I am Thankful For- and a FEW black Friday Tips:

My Sweet Husband- and best friend! He is so sweet that he is glad to babysit tomorrow for me to go Black Friday Shopping- now that is good husband material!ha I am thankful that he is a wonderful spiritual leader and that he loves to spend time with me. He has the most tender heart and I love the way that he is with our boys.
 My precious first born- Evan. What a Sweet Little boy he is! With a tender heart and out-going personality. I love him!
My Second-Born...Pierson Reese. One year ago- my little bundle of joy was 3 days old. I was probably getting more sleep than I will tonite (with Black Friday!) He has pretty blues- and a heart that is so kind and gentle. I love my little Piers!
 Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to stay at home with these two boys. I am so thankful that my husband works hard so I can raise my boys at home. What a privilege and honor!
 We took the boys to the park this week to celebrate Pierson's birthday. I am thankful that my husband would rather spend time with his family then go out to eat most days with others. This picture is precious to me-the boys LOVE their daddy. They think he is a super-hero- and I love they way they are holding to his shirt.
Also thankful for God's precious Gift of Salvation!- Both of our families- Church and Pastor- Young Couples SS Class and Close Friends! God has been so GOOD to us!

NOW for a few BLACK FrIdAy Tipz!
I have been searching for Black Friday Tips! Heading to Walmart to get a few of the Black Friday items at 12:00 am! Meeting my sis-in-laws- everybody better watch out!

I know that the Money-Saving Mom is going to get out some great tips starting at 4am on her blog! She will clue you in on the HOTTEST deals out there!

PLEASE don't forget to go through EBATES if you shop online!! You go to their website and find the store you want to shop at! They will link you to that store and keep up with how much you spend! They will then send you a check in the mail with a certain amount of percentage back!! Check it out!!

One more deal that Me and My sis will do tomorrow- There is a HOT coupon for Hallmark out- 10 dollars off 10 dollars or more item for Mom's only- so if you aren't a mom- maybe your mom will be with you??=) Go here to get that deal!

I will probably just print this Savings Coupon for 10 dollars off a 25.00 dollar item at Macys, too! My husband needs some dress clothes!

Lots more- but gotta get ready to GO, GO, GO! If you are smart enough gonna stay home in your pjs- REMEMBER to check out the Money-Saving-MOM - she will clue you on the hottest deals- HAPPy Black Friday Shopping!


  1. Honest to goodness, I found some of the best deals online Thanksgiving night! I think I completed 3/4 of my Christmas list! Now just the local stuff... hope you scored some fab stuff!

  2. I featured you over at Sassy Sites, trash to treasure Tuesday! Come by and check it out and don't forget to grab a featured button!! :)