Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Building My Nest

Blogging isn't new to me, but blogging about decorating and creative crafts sure is! I have been a faithful blogger since 2008- when my first lil boy, Evan, was born. We now have added another little birdie to our family, a sweet blue-eyed boy named, Pierson! He celebrates his first birthday this month!  My other blog (www.thefamilyof3scotts.blogspot.com) is faithfully devoted about my life as a wife to my husband who is an assistant pastor, and mom to my 2 boys who are only 19 months apart! This blog is just for my new love- decorating on a poor man's budget! We have recently purchased our 3rd foreclosure- and we have worked many hours on decorating, remodeling, tearing down, and painting! We don't have alot of extra money for decorating- so thats where the fun starts! I love to shop Malls, ebay, craigslist, thrift stores, and yard sales. But- let me go ahead and be honest. 98% of my ideas come from blogs and magazines that I read. Yes, I am a copy-cat, but I think thats o.k- we can all learn from each other! So here we go- let the "building" begin!

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