Thursday, November 11, 2010

A little bit of Krylon goes a Long Way

 I loved this Toscana coffee table once I first saw it in my Pottery Barn catalog (that I dream about ordering from one day).
Toscana Coffee Table, Tuscan Chestnut stain
 $399 dollars?? I knew that coffee table would never end up in this "decorating-with-just-a-handful-of-pennies" woman's house! So the first place I started looking was Craigslist. I really can't explain the addiction love I have for Craigslist! Not only do I get to shop in my pj's while my boys nap- but I get to negotiate all through email. I don't have a problem with trying to negotiate a deal when I can't see them- its when I'm in person when I get a little nervous!
 If we had a few thrift stores and even more than 1 Goodwill in this little town of "Mayberry" I might could shop there- but since I'm stuck with one Goodwill and 1 thrift store (with higher prices than a retail store) my best luck is good ole' Craigslist.
Once I saw this coffee table located in Goldsboro for 30 bucks I knew it was just what I was looking for!
image 1991692672-0
Just wasn't happy with the price- so at the agreement of 20 dollars- we had a deal! Just so happens that this Pottery-barn-look-alike was only located in the next neighborhood over! It was so heavy that me and the kind man had to huff and puff to get it to the van. He even told me that he purchased her in Germany when he was stationed there. I didn't have the heart to tell him that within a few days his beloved piece would be spray-painted a classic black.

So I got to work and used Krylon spray paint in black satin and a clear-protective gloss finish to protect the table from all of the potential scratches that my boy's cars will make! (hey, it makes a good train table) 
Here She is after 1 coat of spray paint:
And Here she is after 2 coats of spray paint and a coat of clear protective gloss spray paint---
I love the details at the bottom...the legs and the heavy shelf to hold these green baskets (I already had) to store the remotes, magazines and books in!
I  had most of these items already- but I did find a cute fall-orange bird cage in the dollar section at Michaels (thanks to my friend Julie)- and the globe was another 1.88 find from Goodwill! (look for a cutie in the background!)
A few days later I stumbled upon 2 end tables at our Goodwill. I thought they might be a good make-over, but since I am still new at this whole makeover-your-furniture thing.....I just wasn't sure. When I got home, I kicked myself for not getting them because I knew they would look perfect with my newly painted coffee table. So I did what any good wife would do- and I begged my husband to go back the next day. (And what a good husband he is!) For only 8 bucks a piece, He really couldn't disagree.
It wasn't until I got home, that I realized that these two beauties were made from one of the best furniture companies around..Broyhill!
Yes, they were scratched up and even looked like someone took a hammer and made knicks in some places on the top, but hey- that gives it character!ha
A little Krylon spray paint in Satin Black and they took on a whole different look!
Sorry the picture is a little blurry- But here you go- Its a work in progress- but thanks to Craigslist and Goodwill a handful of pennies is what I needed to finish this project! 
Check back by in a few days- you just might see another "Penny" makeover from a great find that I stumbled into today!

Disclaimer: Don't tell Evan you saw him in his Cars- big-boy-underwear- -He will one day Kill me for this. We are potty-training this week!


  1. Julie, loved reading your new blog. You definitely didn't get your DIY decorating talents from I am extra proud. Just bought cans of spray paint so I am "armed and dangerous." You might need to help me!

  2. Oh wow! I LOVE those black tables! I live in the phoenix area and we have HUGE goodwill stores and I always see old furniture with potential, but sometimes I just can't picture the final product, so I pass it up! hmmm, I need to just hand over the 10 bucks and buy a can of spray paint! lol Love your blog...found you though melissa's favorite things party. Look forward to reading!

  3. They look great! So, question . . . you didn't have to prime them or anything? Just sprayed on Krylon? I wonder if I could have done it on my current project? Let me know what you think because next time I will do it your way!!

    I am redoing my mother-in-law's buffet and I guess I took the hard way. I am priming it first and then painting black. Filling in the holes with wood filler, sanding them and then putting new hardware. Come take a look. There will be a post about it soon.