Friday, November 19, 2010

Sizzlin' Sister Money-Savingz Tipz

Meet My Sister Jennifer. We are 2 1/2 years apart. I have been married 7 1/2 years and have 2 kids and she has been married 6 months and doesn't even have a dog. We don't have alot in common- yet we have everything in common. If you could see the texts, emails and phone conversations between us these would read and hear words like "groupon", "southern savers", "printable coupons", "ebates" and "rite aid." (Fun conversations, huh?)
I am not really sure when it happened, but the "money saving bug" has definitely bitten us. We love to find ways to save money and we love to call each other or skype to catch each other up on the deals for that day. SO- I thought that instead of keeping it between the two of us- we would start sharing things here at my new blog. We might even start taking turns doing the posts--thats if I let her.=) (I still have the older-sis-rights,ha)
ok. So I hardly ever post twice in one day- but I had to let you in on this one before they are all gone! So ready for a great savings tip that we both have recently rushed to Target for in the last 24 hrs?...drum roll, please.
Product Image Nick & Nora® Womens Pajama Set Collection - Assorted Colors
If you go to Target's website, you will see on the left hand side bar a link to push for printable coupons. You will see different categories and in the "apparel" link- there will be a coupon for 10 dollars off 3 sleepwear items. The coupon doesn't exclude clearance items. SO- in alot of Target stores right now, you will find tons of flannel pajamas and even some summer pajamas for 50 to 75 percent off.
We both found 3 different pairs and paid somewhere around 90 some cents total. (I will say if you live in my area- the clearance is a little slim-but you may find something!) Also- it is still an awesome deal if you want to buy 3 different Regular priced Pajamas for yourself or for Christmas Presents and use your 10 dollars off!!
One more quick tip to help you MAKE money while you start your Christmas shopping online. Yes, you read that right, MAKE money. You even get 5 dollars just for signing up! If you shop through a website called, Ebates, you can get a check sent right to your mailbox- or paid to you through pay-pal. Lets say you want to get this great pajama deal that I told you about earlier at You would first go to Ebates, find the target website, and push the link. Since you shopped through the Ebates website, they will give you a certain percentage back. You have to check it out!! Jen and I have really been excited over the money that we have made by shopping online!
Look for more Sizzlin' Sister Money-Savingz Tipz-- Black Friday is right around the corner and we can't wait! Now go get you some warm flannel pajamas! Hurry, before they are gone!


  1. You were smart for adding this to your blog :) I will be searching through the deals to post some good stuff on here! Thanks for the nice words- I didn't know you felt like that aout me :)

  2. HA HA Jen- why in the world were u up at 6:30!!

  3. Thrifty and beautiful... what catches!

    Can't wait to see more deals!