Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I heart Wooden Toys!

UPDATE: SO SORRY- but its sold out=(
What better way to decorate your children's rooms and play rooms then with wooden organic toys? I have a thing for wooden vintage toys. I love to put them on their bookcases or up on a shelf. And most of the time they end of in the toy box with all the other piles of toys. 
Great deal today on these toys from Wild Dill- a great way to decorate your nest with a handful of pennies- or wrap it up and give it as a present! Heres how it works: Go Here- ....There is  a deal that allows you to get 35 dollars worth of Wild Dill Toys for 12- but WAIT- it gets better. You get 2 dollars just for signing up- and if you enter BRANDCATION in the promo code- it takes 5 more bucks off. Then you get 35 dollars of toys (or clothes- lots of other things) for 5 dollars! OH- it gets even better-  you can get 15% off when checking out at Wild Dill with the code 15off. Thanks to my sis for sharing this great deal with me!                  
If you decide to do it- share it with others and receive even more rewards!

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