Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Couponing not for you? Then why not Try this......

We all know that using coupons takes a lot of time. Sometimes if I don't have all my coupons organized and together, I just get frustrated and go to Walmart without any at all.
With 2 little boys in the cart ages 2 and 1, coupons aren't always the easiest thing for me to use! I am just trying to get through Walmart without leaving a Goldfish trail. (this is why now I almost always go at night after the boys are asleep- do you blame me?)

If you aren't a couponing mom, don't give up. Just use cash. Make a list, add it up roughly before you go, bring a calculator, and use cash. No more cash in my envelope at the end of the month? Then I guess we all will starve.=/
The envelope system--it really works!
I think using cash regularly for groceries will really help our family. I have found that it is alot harder for me to spend that cash then to swipe my debit.

Hope this helps you! Check out her other tips here!

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