Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Finally....a cute BOY sewing project!

Most of you know that I have two sweet and adorable boys, Evan (almost 3) and Pierson (14 months). I love to sew for them, but we all know that sewing for boys is just not as fun as sewing for girls! No frills and ruffles in this house!!
So when I saw this ADORABLE tutorial on how to make little boy's ties, my heart skipped a beat!

I think I just found me another project to add to my list for next week! I can't wait to find the perfect material for a few matching ties for this summer! (or I could just buy them some matching ties at The Children's Place?--but this is so much more fun, right!)

Now, if I could just have a little girl to coordinate her dress with their ties! Have to talk to the hubby about that one!ha Until then, maybe we can coordinate with my adorable niece!

real life is happening around here- organizing, cleaning out, 2 boys with fevers, laundry, mom group, cooking, family, teaching piano, and church ministry. Know what i mean?

Maybe my life will be back to normal soon and time for projects won't be so sparse!!- looking forward to a nice trip to the beach this weekend with my hubby and close friends for a couples retreat!! Yay for some alone time!!

Have little boys in your life? Go check out this tutorial! Did I mention there is no sewing machine involved?

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