Saturday, January 8, 2011

Does your Nest always stay Clean? If so, please come sign my dust pan.

Don't we all wish we could be her?
That's impossible, right? Well maybe not.

Everyday my "to-do" cleaning list is filled to the brim and cleaning is not something that I just love to do. However, it must get done. It was something that I was always doing, yet for some reason it wasn't staying that way! 
"Evan, why are there crushed goldfish on the floor?" (after I just vacuumed!)
"Pierson! I just cleaned up this playroom--why must you dump out every container of toys! (just right after we organized it!!)
Wanna get organized? Get a schedule!
I wanted to do something different this year- free up more time to spend with my boys, do more fun craft and sewing projects, scrapbook, try new recipes, have pre-school with Evan, have new moms come to my house for a playdate, have more time to read and to find creative ways to make my home a fun and happy place to be.

But, the reality of it is- is that I am a mom of 2 boys that are 19 months apart and Boys will be Boys!

But, to keep my sanity- I needed a plan. Well, with this housekeeping plan (adapted-julie-style) it seems to be working. It's not that fun the first few days but it is getting to where my house seems to be staying clean for 1 hr.  My husband has remarked how he really likes this plan. Every morning before he leaves for work I might say, "Have a good day, hon--today I will be deep cleaning all the bedrooms!" (You know- just to let him know that I won't be watching tv and blogging all day!HA HA)

One of the best (and most common sense) tips that I read was to pick up around the house 10 minutes after each meal. WOW what a difference this has made in our house! My husband even helps me! I also have this schedule on my fridge to remind me what I will be doing that day and what needs to get done!

So, have you decided that you need someone to help you better organize your cleaning schedule? Go here to read more tips and adapt her schedule to your lifestyle.

Your family will thank you. Your husband will think your nuts (but secretly love it). And you will sleep much better at night knowing your house is somewhat  sparkling clean!

So, what is your best kept secret cleaning tip? Please do tell!
(REALITY ALERT: ok realistically I need to get up right now and go pick up, straighten the play room, do another load of laundry and pick up the bath toys off the floor! But hey, I'm trying and it has really helped me! Alot.)


  1. Thank you so much for sharing my housekeeping schedule! So appreciate your encouragement.

  2. I am totally going to check it out. My house is a major cause of frustration to me. It seems, most of the time, like I am the only one who cares that it is destroyed. I have 3 kids (7, 3 and 1) and feel that it is impossible for it to stay clean.

    thanks for the tip!

  3. Good for you! To me, consistency is key... my kids (now 3 & 5) seem to have picked up the habit. But the house inevitably ends up a mess... and I remind myself daily, the Bible tell us there is a season for everything! We're in the baby season and that is work enough!