Thursday, January 13, 2011

Favorite Paint Colors PaRtY!

I love her Pottery-Barn Style Home
 My friend, Julie is having a Paint Colors Linky Party! So I thought I would share some of my favorite Paint Colors!
When we first bought our fixer-upper in July, I stressed alittle to think about all the decisions I needed to make. First person on my list to call was my decorator-friend Melissa! I loved her home and her colors and trusted her judgement. The next few pictures are of her beautiful home!
 Great Khaki Color: Benjamin Moore: Greenbrier Beige. Its that perfect khaki neutral color.
 Beautiful Blue for her dining room! Benjamin Moore: Adago
Her eat-in Kitchen area: Benjamin Moore- Copley Gray  
What a beautiful gray!
Wish I would've taken more pictures of her beautiful home!
Other colors in her home:
Benjamin Moore: Philipsburg Blue
Benjamin Moore: Shenandoah Taupe
 So, I asked Melissa to come to my house and these are the colors we came up with and I love them all. Blues, Grays, Greens and Nuetral.
I really love this khaki: It is Eddie Bauer Barley. Really, it is the perfect color khaki match-up to my friend's Benjamin Moore Greenbrier Beige.
Neutral yet a little color. Myron tends to love darker colors, however he really liked this nuetral khaki.
 One of my favorite rooms is my dining room. I love this gray! It is Eddie Bauer Beach. To me, it is a true gray. (this room is not finished- working on adding more shelves and I just noticed one of the chairs is missing!ha)
 I also used the Eddie Bauer Beach in my master bedroom. This room still has a ways to go- but I love the contrast of chocolate and white with my gray walls!
I really want to add a chaise or chair and ottomon across from the bed in the corner, or a nice chair by the bed. Still looking for a deal!
I am really hating that I haven't taken a picture since I took the tree down, but oh well. By far my most favorite room in the house! I love this color! I can't take the credit. Melissa spotted this color and we knew it was the one. It really looked like a gray- but its a blue gray. Really the pefect blue for a room.
It is called Valspar Restless Seas.
I love how it opens up to the living room. This is where we have the piano and for right now some of the boys smaller toys. One day this will become a home office.

This room is still in the process, but we are working on it. I LOVE this green. It is still neutral but yet kindof fun for the boys playroom and my craft room.  This color is Valspar Homestead Resort Parlor Sage.
 I still have a few more colors- but the boys are up from their naps. Hoping to link up later on in the week with more fun colors!

Go check out Julie's Paint Colors Linky Party! I'm sure there will be alot of beautiful colors to choose from!


  1. They really do all look great, Julie! Especially that Restless Seas. Thanks for linking up!

  2. I am bananas about that Restless Seas... its on point with color trends but seems to be more timeless. A rich color without being over the top! I love it!

  3. Beautiful colors, Julie! I really love the blue grays myself, too.

  4. I gotta ask! What is the color of the floor of your living room? The dark brown? I absolutely love it!

  5. Hi Julie, I am inspired by the colors that were chosen for your house. I am thinking about going with the blue colors that you have shown in one of your pictures, although one of the blue colors name is not listed. may I please get that color. It is such a beautiful color.
    Thank you, Kristina